(Video) A look into Fergus Ontario's most romantic home

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

For Valentines Day, I stepped step into this 1867 Georgian mansion located in Fergus Ontario. The 6000 sq-ft homes is one the areas oldest homes and one of the most romantic. Built in two stages by merchant, James Argo, the home's rock was built with stone taken from the local Gow quarry. Take a look.

I walked through this Centre Wellington Grand home the owner, Renata Sergejew of Lidia's Brides and Amanda Lirusso of Red Brick Real Estate.

James Argo home 1867 step through with Amanda Lirusso, realtor in Fergus with Red Brick Real Estate Brokerage

Explore this picture-perfect house of love for Valentines day.

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Explore the Grand Homes of Centre Wellington

Fergus Ontario 1867 James Argo Mansion

(video above) Renata shows off one of the most unique features of the home.

(video below) Amanda and Renata show off the outside and inside of the home.

Located in the heart of Wellington County and within steps from the historic Grand River, this Centre Wellington home once occupied several blocks. Renata shares how her vision to run a her bridal business, Lidia's Brides all came together and the challenges, like love, finding the perfect one.

But as soon as she walked into this home, her decision was made.

February is the month of love, it's fitting to see all these wedding dresses for Valentine's Day!

I have to admit, this wasn't the first time I have walked into this home with a camera. I had a photo shoot in here years ago with one of the previous home owners and photographer. It was long enough in my past that walking into this 6000 sq ft home was brand new experience. I can understand the excitement that happens within these walls.

The home also operates as a bed and breakfast for the bridal party on the evening of her big day.

(above) Amanda points out the home was built in two stages and the stone was taken from the local, Gow Quarry. Amanda is a realtor in Fergus Ontario.

Here are some photos from this Grand Home.

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Explore this picture-perfect house of love for Valentines day.

The historic real estate in Elora and Fergus is beautiful. I'd love to know what you thought of this beautiful house! Leave a comment below. What did you think of this Centre Wellington Grand Home?

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