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Township of Centre Wellington​

The largest community in Centre Wellington, a township within Wellington County in Ontario, Canada. It's most famous for its scenic river views, waterfalls, limestone gorge, and annual Scottish Festival.

With a population of 20,767, Fergus, Ontario, Canada, has deep Scottish roots dating to 1833 when settlers called it "Little Falls" because of its scenic waterfalls. In 1858, the town was incorporated and renamed "Fergus" in honour of one of its Scottish founders, Adam Fergusson.

The population was 1000 in 1858.

This historic river town is divided by the stunning Grand River and is a little over one hour's drive from Toronto. The Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games is the town's largest and most recognized festival. An annual tradition that draws over 30,000 people each year.

The Fergus Scottish Festival should have celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2020 but was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Fergus and Elora (Ontario's Most Beautiful Village) are the primary communities that make up The Township of Centre Wellington in the heart of Wellington County.