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This tiny village is just one hour from Toronto but is bursting with natural and artistic wonder.

Elora is a community in the Township of Centre WellingtonWellington County, Ontario, Canada. It is well known for its 19th-century limestone architecture and the geographically significant Elora Gorge.

The two primary communities of The Township of Centre Wellington are the village of Elora and the Town of Fergus.


Amalgamated in 1999, the area is a thriving tourist destination that's bursting with natural wonder, stunning scenery, and adventure. From tubing, swimming, zip-lining and ice climbing, there's plenty to do for adventure seekers.

For the photographer at heart, there's a mysterious or awe-inspiring photo around every corner. Filled with historic bridges, caves, hikes and trails there is plenty to explore any time of year.


Top 3 Things to Do in Elora

Elora "Ontario's Most Beautiful Village"

The Village of Elora is a bustling tourist community located within the Township of Centre Wellington. The nearest city is Guelph Ontario and you drive to Elora from Toronto Pearson in just over 1hr.


There's something unique about this place. You'll find all kinds of adventures  to explore in what has been hailed "Ontario's Most Beautiful Village."  


Welcome to Elora Ontario Canada.

Appeal to your creative side


The township has embraced its deep artistic culture that makes Elora so unique.  It splashes into the streets and all around the village you'll find the works of acclaimed sculptures, paintings and art from renowned artists.  


The Elora Centre for the Arts now showcases some of the incredible art in two galleries in a former school.  The building is over 160+ years.

During October the streets of Elora are invaded by monsters. The over 80+ mysterious ghost-lanterns of the Twilight Zoo are the Centrepoint of a month-long festival called Monster Month.  It's organized by a non-profit called Sensational Elora. 


These spooktacular works were created by local artist Tim Murton. 

In 2019, we produced and directed a thirty-minute documentary about the monsters called MonsterMentary: The Story Behind Monster Month.  Watch here:


The Elora Mill Hotel & Spa 


Elora Mill Hotel & Spa is a newly renovated luxury hotel and spa perched over the heart of the Elora Gorge 

The Elora Mill was first built in 1851 by JM Fraser as a sawmill, distillery and flour mill until it first burnt down in 1859.  He rebuilt it again later that year in stone with additional wings and a larger facility.  The property changed hands six times over its history as a sawmill, wool factory, flour mill and gristmill, hotel, restaurant and spa. 


In 2018, The Elora Mill & Spa re-opened after a $120 million dollar renovation project that brings a world-class resort experience and over 250 local jobs.

Click here to learn more about the history of the Elora Mill (Offical Mill Website)


Elora Hotels, Restaurants and Shops

Elora has an impressive range of shopping, culinary experiences and accommodations. 


Camping is a popular option for tourists during the summer months, with The newly renovated Elora Mill has been transformed from its past.  The property has exchanged many times over the past 160 years, but its viewpoint hasn't changed.  The Elora Mill has one of the most spectacular viewpoints of the Elora Gorge.


In 2018, they began construction on a glass bridge that will connect both sides of the river and give tourists one of the most spectacular views in the area.

Elora Gorge
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