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Tooth of Time Elora

A rare look at the natural wonder. There are many sights in Elora, but few capture the imagination like the Tooth of Time on the Elora Gorge Waterfalls. The historic landmark islet rock is covered with vegetation in the middle of the Grand River.

Here you'll find photos and information behind the iconic landmark in Elora.

Where is the Tooth of Time?

The Tooth of Time is located along the Grand River in Elora Ontario Canada at the Elora Gorge Waterfall. The islet rock is viewable from Downtown Elora, Victoria Park trail and Elora Mill & Spa property.

Google Map of the Tooth of Time in Elora (map)

Here are common driving times to Elora & The Tooth of Time

Tooth of Time Location

Here is a downtown Elora Map showing the Tooth of Time's location along the Grand River and Elora Gorge Falls.

Tooth of Time History

In 1846, The Canadian Gazette writes about Elora and the Tooth of Time. They wrote:

"... the river having worn a channel thirty-five or forty feet deep through the solid stone rock. A large rock stands in the centre of the stream, just above the Falls, bearing trees; the base of which is nearly worn away by the constant friction of the water."

At that time there were only one hundred Elora residents.​

The original wooden Elora Mill was burnt down and rebuilt in stone by JM Fraser in 1859. The man who purchased the property was a gentleman named Mr. Ferguson who petitioned to have the island removed. He claimed it was diverting water into walls of the his mill.

He was denied.

Tooth of Time Photo Gallery

Want to see the Tooth of Time from the air? Here's a drone fly-over at the Elora Gorge.

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