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  • Ryan Joyce

A Wee Success!

Today is a big episode! Three guests from the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games join us and give their unique perspectives and feedback from this year’s Wee Digital Ceilidh!

We start the conversation with Elizabeth Bender, the Fergus Scottish Festival Coordinator who shares the online response, feedback from the community and the local events. We discuss Elizabeth’s personal favourite moments, a few special emails, and what it all means for the future of the Fergus Scottish Festival.

Listen to Elizabeth Bender's episode here

Next, Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games Board of Directors President, David Radley joins the podcast and shares his views about this year, the tough 2020 decisions, feedback he received from all around the world, and what changes we might see for future Games. He also discusses some of the unexpected surprises from this year's Wee Digital Ceilidh.

Plus, we are joined with Festival Vice President, Stephen Cole. Stephen’s design work can be seen all around town and with the Festival’s brand. He's behind the new Fergus logo, the Fergus Scottish Festival’s brand and familiar signs all around Centre Wellington. Stephen discusses how the Festival is changing, the importance of volunteering and how you can get involved.

Wee Digital Ceilidh Highlights Episode:

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