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  • Ryan Joyce

Here are 9 Remembrance Day Tribute Photos from Elora & Fergus

Remembrance Day is approaching, and I wanted to share a few photos of the beautiful tributes in my community of Elora and Fergus.

The Township of Centre Wellington has two stunning tributes to our fallen heroes, including five hundred memorial markers at the Wellington County Museum & Archives and over seven thousand poppies at the St. Johns Anglican Church.

Here are Remembrance Day photos from Elora & Fergus.

UPDATE: I added additional photos from the evening candle service at the Wellington County Museum & Archives and November 11th Remembrance Day Service.

Remembrance Day Tributes at the Wellington County Museum & Archives

In honour of Veterans and those who have served our country, 500 memorial markers are placed on the front lawn of the Wellington County Museum & Archives. It's a stunning scene and a great tribute to the fallen heroes.

To learn more about this year's November 11 ceremony, visit the Wellington County Museum & Archive website:

Wellington County Museum & Archives Remembrance Memorial Gallery

I captured a few of these photos during a thick early morning fog.

Poppy Project at the St Johns Anglican Church in Elora

The weather has been unusually warm this November.

An early morning fog provided an excellent opportunity to capture this photo at St. John's Anglican Church, including over 7000 hand-knitted poppies.

This is the project's second year, and added an extra three thousand poppies to the display.

We will remember.

November 11 Remembrance Day Service in Fergus

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