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  • Ryan Joyce

Fergus Grand Theatre: A peak behind the curtain.

Take centre-stage at the Fergus Grand Theatre!

This historic, 255 seat theatre opened in 1928 and has transformed many times over its history. From cable TV to a movie theatre, the 2017 renovations make this small theatre a popular choice for Canadian artists.

A view from centre stage at the Fergus Grand Theatre facing a full audience

I've spent a lot of time in theatres. There are a few important ones that stick out in my mind, but the Fergus Grand Theatre was my first professional stage.

I have a million memories here. All of them are good-- except for load-in. It's not the easiest access for a full production magic show.

Take a tour of a historic theatre with Eric Goudie.

Eric Goudie is the Theatre Coordinator and long-time friend. He's been involved with the theatre for over 20 years.

The new lobby renovations look incredible. It's both vintage and historically accurate; the floor is original. The box office has also returned to the original centre location.

The theatre is fully accessible with main floor washrooms.

In recent years, the stage and seating area were also replaced. For being nearly 100 years old it's a great space to perform. The front row is within inches from the stage and feels very intimate.

Learn more about the theatre and see photos Click here.

Eric talks about renovations

Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in the community, meet new people and experiences! A few hours of your time mean so much. Here's the volunteer information directly from the Township of Centre Wellington:

A frozen, wintery panoramic photo of Grand River in Fergus Ontario.
The Grand River and Templin Gardens are located directly behind the Fergus Grand Theatre

There's no other theatre in the world with a grand backyard.

Did you see all that Fergus has to offer?

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