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A Spectacular Sunrise at Pierpoint Park in Fergus Ontario (PHOTOS)

I love mornings! Today I ran out the door early morning with a coffee and my camera. It had been a long time since photographing down at Pierpoint Park in Fergus and I made it just in time for this incredible sunrise.

Here's my favourite shot from the morning!

There are a ton of great trails and sites along the Grand River in Elora and Fergus but Pierpoint park gets light from the sun first. It's one of my favourites spots in Centre Wellington for early morning. The sun peaks over the trees and often provides some incredible light. Here's a Google Maps link for the location 449 Anderson St S, Fergus, ON N1M 1Z8

This morning was a great treat with some early morning fog and a light mist over all the colourful greens, purples and yellows. It painted a beautiful scene.

Thank god, I didn't see any spiders. :)

It's impossible to predict colourful sunrises. I use an app that makes its best guess for predicting a picturesque sunrise. It's called SkyCandy and it's been pretty helpful, but of course impossible to be completely accurate.

This was a great morning in Centre Wellington, with about 45 minutes of early morning pink and yellow sky.

Have a look at Summer Sunrise at Pierpoint Park

I brought along the trusty Nikon for stills and my GH5 to record some 4K footage.

Unfortunately, I forgot the batteries for the gimbal plugged in beside the front door, so this was all handheld.

Here are a few sights and sights of Pier Point in HD.

Google Map for Pierpoint Park in Fergus, Ontario Canada

Hope you enjoyed this early morning look at Pierpoint Park in Fergus, Ontario!

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