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  • Ryan Joyce

Sunrise at Wilsons Flatts in Inverhaugh

A beautiful sunrise over Wilsons Flatts, just outside of Elora, Ontario. Captured a few stills as the fog began lifting off the water. Catching beautiful early morning shots from around Inverhaugh.

Inverhaugh, Ontario is just outside of Elora on Wellington County Rd 21. There are two great stops with great viewpoints, the first is Pilkington Overlook. It's accessible off Rd 21 and has a small parking lot for only 3 or 4 cars. The driving from Elora to Pilkington Overlook is 7 mins.

On this trip, I drove past Pilkington Overlook and turned down 8 Line West towards Wilson's Flats. This Grand River access point in Inverhaugh was upgraded in 2018 and the new location has improved parking, a port-a-potty, canoe rack and signage.

There's also a tall poll and nest with a pair of osprey. Here are some of my early morning photos at Wilson's Flats - Grand River.

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On the other side of Fergus is one of my favourite sunrise locations.

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