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Explore This Popular Trestle Bridge and Hiking Trail Between Elora & Fergus

Just a short drive between Fergus and Elora is this beautiful Trestle Bridge and trail. It's an easy trail and dogs are permitted on leash. I always bring a camera, especially in the summer. The trail has plenty of great viewpoints for photographers and hikers alike.

Here's a look at the Trestle Bridge Trail on this beautiful August morning.

Trestle Bridge Trail History

The trail over the Grand River was named after what is the third railway bridge built here. The piers rest on two of the original cut stone foundations built in 1869.

The Trestle Bridge Trail is a 4 km trail in the Township of Centre Wellington, 2 km of which is owned and operated by the County of Wellington.

It provides a connection between Fergus and Elora.

It's also a great spot for photographers like me. The early morning dew was on the wildflowers and newly arrived dragonflies were out doing their thing. I absolutely love the morning hiking hour before the day warms up.

Parking Lot

There's a small parking lot that's kinda hidden, but there are spaces for 6 - 8 cars.

It's accessed by a small road off of Road 18 in Aboyne between Fergus and Elora. I don't believe the small road is serviced during winter.

The Trestle Bridge trail is moderately busy and a great choice for an afternoon solo hike or with a friend.

Here are some summer photos of the trail:

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