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  • Ryan Joyce

MonsterMentary: The Story Behind Monster Month (Documentary)

Every year Elora, Ontario gets invaded by MONSTERS for a month-long celebration of Halloween! Come deep into the monster's den and learn the secrets behind Monster Month.

Appearances By

  • Tim Murton - Artist

  • Kirk McElwain - Sensational Elora

  • Deb Dalziel - Elora & Fergus Tourism

  • Katie Clark - Wellington County Museum & Archives

  • The Sparrows - Monster March

About MonsterMentary

MonsterMentary is a thirty-minute documentary the shares the journey of Monster Month in Elora. What began with four ghouls in the front yard of a local artist has grown into a month-long celebration of Halloween.

Tim Murton began creating the lantern monsters of his Twilight Zoo in the 90s as a way of dealing with the stress and anxiety of working in the film industry. Eventually, Tim's collection of Monsters grew to over 80+ monsters that were purchased by Sensational Elora in 2017. The non-profit Sensational Elora installs the ghouls, organizes the Monster March, and coordinates all Halloween-themed events with community partners.

In this documentary, we meet Kirk McElwain the chair of Sensational Elora who shares insight behind the monster's journey and the future of Monster Month. Plus, we also get a look at what it takes to make and repair the monsters at the Wellington County Museum & Archives with Katie Clark.

We also meet Julie Denneny who started the monster parade tradition and The Sparrows get dressed up for our own Monster March.

Every year thousands of people flock to Elora to see these ghostly figures hung around business and the downtown. Come celebrate Halloween with us and hear the story behind the monsters.

This is an independent Canadian documentary filmed and directed by Ryan Joyce

Where is Elora Ontario

Elora is a village within the Township of Centre Wellington and is a hot spot for tourism, unique festivals, events, and movie and television productions. It's located in a high tourist area one hour from Toronto and it's a hot spot for artists like Tim Murton.

Learn More About Monster Month here

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