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Content Creation

Experienced creative content creator for telling your businesses story.

Your brand is your reputation.

The content you place on your website, social media pages and other outlets is a reflection of that reputation.

Fergus Filming & Creative Services wants to help you create captivating content that represents your unique way of doing business.

We will listen to you and learn about your business so we can portray it in an engaging way to the world.

Clients & Experience

Production at the Elora Distilling Company

Video production is a critical way to grow your business. You can inform and engage your audience, share your unique story and connect with customers in a new way. That's why we were thrilled to film and produce this video for the Elora Distilling Company that shares their production process and what makes them unique.

These 5 Magicians Perform Spooktacular Magic

Five Canadian magicians dazzle during this thirty-minute Halloween-themed magic special