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David Leask Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes with David Leask and local Scottish musicians recording for the Tartan Kiss.

For filming and production of the "Behind the Scenes: David Leask Tartan Kiss"we stopped by the Fergus Grand Theatre to film while David Leask, audio team, and musicians from both the Fergus Pipe Band and the Grand Celtics record for the song, Tartan Kiss.  

We provided two large LED light panels to light the scene and a portable panel for run-and-gun.  Over the afternoon our steadicamera captured the musician recording process and B-roll visuals.  We also captured a fifteen minute interview with David Leask. 

All this edited together with a few pieces of licensed music for social media and submitted footage and clips.

We handled project management with assistance from the Fergus Scottish Festival and Township of Centre Wellington.

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Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games

Services Rendered

Producer & Production Consultant
Project Manager
Graphic Design & Layout
Lighting Design
Videography (Interview)
Videography (Steadicam)
Video Editing
Audio Recording
Licensed Footage
Licensed Music for Social Media
Digital Transfer Delivery
Online Storage Services
Titles & Lower-Thirds
Writing & Copy
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