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Production at the Elora Distilling Company

Video production is a critical way to grow your business. You can inform and engage your audience, share your unique story and connect with customers in a new way. That's why we were thrilled to film and produce this video for the Elora Distilling Company that shares their production process and what makes them unique.

We filmed and produced this video for the Elora Distilling Company to help them share their production process and what makes them stand out!

Creating a great video for your business involves many layers, here are few important steps

  • Write a great script

  • Keep it simple and natural voice

  • Decide who the video's audience and write to them

  • Lighting is essential for capturing great footage 

  • Good quality audio capture is a must

  • Edit and trim.  Keep only the best shots

There was tons of great opportunity to capture great b-roll at the Elora Distilling Company, we turned out the worklights and brought our own to make sure the lighting quality really popped!

Learn more about Elora Distilling Company and visit their website here.

You'll find a link to the final video below.  You'll need to watch on YouTube to validate age.

Featured Video

Elora Distilling Company

Services Rendered

Producer & Production Consultant
Project Manager
Lighting Design
Videography (Interview)
Videography (On Site)
Videography (Steadicam)
Audio Mixing
Production Assistant
Video Editing
Audio Recording
Licensed Music for Social Media
Digital Transfer Delivery
Online Storage Services
Photos from Video
Titles & Lower-Thirds
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