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Fergus artist paints Elora Tooth of Time landmark

Here's a gift from Fergus-born artist, Julia Sanders. Those who remember the Fergus Market will remember seeing Julia's painting of the arch at the Templin Gardens just inside the Market's doors.

Watch Julia talk about her Tooth of Time painting and see (AND download!) the Valentine's Day card below.

Watch and see Julia's word below:

Julia Sanders Valentine's Gift to Elora & Fergus

Here's a wintery Tooth of Time beside the Elora Mill on the cascading waterfalls of the gorge.

An island of limestone shaped like a heart stands alone in a cascading waterfalls in downtown Elora Ontario Canada
(Above) Elora Ontario 'Tooth of Time' in the waterfalls of the gorge.

I went to Centre Wellington District High School with Julia. We both share mutual friends and social circles, but it's been a long time since we've chatted. Filming was a great excuse to catch up, so we met downtown Fergus to take a peek at the old Fergus Market.

We had a motif.

(above) Julia peaks into the former Fergus Market where she painted her largest mural

In high school, Julia was commissioned to paint here and although her work is long-gone, she vividly remembers the hours making her largest ever painting.

We walked across the very cold Grand River and headed for warmth.

We drove to her father's home and filmed a little interview.

Julia shared a memory of her mother and their love of art. She's forever a student of art and she shares some advice and lessons learned along her artistic journey.


Julia talks about her mother's influence

A few photos from our day

Here's Julia's Tooth of Time card gift to the Centre Wellington community.

Make sure and follow her on Instagram and show her some love. I know she's working on several commission projects, so reach out and connect with her on Instagram if you're interested.

Download PDF

Julia Sander's Elora Valentines Day Card 'Tooth of Time'

Elora artist, Julia Sanders' painting of the 'Tooth of Time' in the Elora Gorge Ontario Canada

Interested in an 8x10 print?

Julia has a few prints with matte available for $50. Connect with Julia on her Instagram account here.

Here's a full introduction to Julia and her journey into art. She shows a recent piece of art from Elora Ontario that took over 30 hours. Her attention to detail becomes very clear in her painting of 'The Granary'

Watch Now:

Artist Julia Sanders pays tribute to Elora,"Ontario's Most Beautiful Village"

Here's an introduction to Julia Sanders and how she discovered her artistic preferences.

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