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  • Ryan Joyce

A final look at Elora's Badley Bridge

The end of an era.

The bridge was in advanced stages of deterioration and construction was built in 1868 and rebuilt in 2002.

Building a new bridge was more cost-effective for taxpayers than renovating the existing Badley Bridge. Some improvements to the bridge include wider lanes, bicycle lanes and a lookout deck for a great view of the Grand River.

Here's a look at the new bridge

Here is an excerpt from the Township of Centre Wellington's Website:

The County of Wellington's decision to replace the Metcalfe Street Badley Bridge in Elora was not an easy one.

Since 2015, staff and Council have carefully considered both rehabilitating and replacement options. Ultimately, after significant community consultation and the evaluation of 16 alternatives and over 50 factors, including safety and cost, the decision to replace the Badley Bridge was made. The new Badley Bridge will cost approximately $7.25 million. Rehabilitating the bridge would cost taxpayers more than double (approximately $14.5 million), which would be equivalent to a 7.5% tax increase. 

The new Badley Bridge has been designed to showcase the character and charm of downtown Elora. The new bridge will widen traffic lanes and sidewalks, introduce bicycle lanes, and include an observation deck with spectacular views of the Grand River.

During the holidays we had several amazing sunrises and sunsets. I snapped a few final photos of the icon bridge before construction began.

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