A township bursting with wonder gets a podcast.

WATCH (ABOVE) : An introduction to Elora & Fergus Ontario Canada

"Ontario's Best Road Trip" 

National Geographic

November 2019 | Read the Article

"This small town is the perfect getaway one hour from Toronto"


October 2017 | Read the Article

Elora & Fergus were recently labelled “Ontario’s Best Road Trip” by National Geographic.  The Township of Centre Wellington is known for its unique landscape and immersive heritage. 

It’s also a magnet for acclaimed artists, entrepreneurs and interesting people.  This podcast shares the secrets of Elora & Fergus. 

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Hosted by a magician.

Movies and television are filmed in Elora & Fergus all the time.  Fascinating people flow here all the time and some never leave

Whatever your reason, stay connected with the heartbeat of Ontario's most magical townships.  

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Hosted by Ryan Joyce*

*Ryan Joyce’s real job is filled with magic. A 25 year Fergus resident and CWDHS graduate, Ryan has travelled the world as a magician, hypnotist, speaker & producer. 


His television appearances include Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, Canada’s Got Talent and Sony Picture’s Merchants of Doubt. Ryan’s company Theatrix International Inc was founded in Fergus and is the executive producer of the Ontario Week of Wonder Magic Festival and other magician brands.

Ryan Joyce is also co-host of Magician’s Talking Magic Podcast, a popular podcast for magicians.



Learn more about Ryan: Visit Ryan Joyce's website.

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Meet Ryan Joyce, the host of Elora Fergus Podcast.  Ryan Joyce is a professional magician who has appeared on Penn & Teller's Fool Us, Canada's Got Talent, Netflix, YouTube and theatre tours around the world.

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A community with real secrets gets a podcast

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Two unique communities bursting with wonder



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