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Elora Quarry Hours of Operation

June 1 - Labour Day Hours

Mon - Fri 11am to 8 pm

Sat - Sun : 10am to 8pm

Elora Quarry Parking & Address


Operated by the Grand River Conservation Authority

Elora Gorge Admission Fees

Day Use Park  Admission (2019)

Preschool (5 and under) : $Free

Child (6-14) : $5

Adult (15-64) : $10

Seniors (65+) : $7.5​

Elora Quarry Weather



This local swimming "hole" has captured the attention of bloggers and influencers in recent years, and is a frequent filming location for movies like Steve King's "It"" and "Angel Eyes" featuring Jennifer Lopez.

See (below) for yourself this picturesque these 12m (40ft) limestone cliffs quarry. Watch video, see pics, and essential details of this popular tourist attraction in Elora Ontario. 


Elora Gorge Advisory & Warnings: 

No jumping or diving is permitted from the cliffs. Visitors must stay behind the barriers.


The beach is not patrolled. Parents and guardians - keep a close watch on children at all times.


A life-jacket loaner program is available. Use of the life-jackets is free with a small, refundable deposit. Inquire at the gatehouse.


Elora Quarry Park has a capacity limit, and for safety purposes, no further admission is granted once capacity has been reached.

Refunds are not given due to inclement weather.


SOURCE: Grand River Conservation Authority

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