Ontario adventurer talks ice climbing in Elora Gorge

Ice climbing is a great activity for those seeking adventure in Ontario this winter. An hour outside of Toronto is the village of Elora in the Township of Centre Wellington. I chatted with extreme adventurer Frederick Schuett from One Axe Pursuits. This guy ziplines over volcanoes. In his spare time, he also runs the Elora gorge zipline.

I chatted with him about ice climbing last December before the ice formation had fully developed. Fast-forward and the ice has provided several great opportunities for climbers and photographers alike.

See the gallery below.


Frederick Schuett talks about ice climbing at the Elora gorge

If you live near Toronto, Ontario and have been looking to try your hands at ice climbing, the Elora gorge at winter time can provided great conditions for climbing. As Frederick mentioned in the video above, the best alternative location in Ontario is in Hamilton, at Tiffany Falls.

Frederick owns and operates One Axe Pursuits, a company in Elora that provides year round adventure company that provides something to get your heart pumping, including rock climbing, zip lining and ice climbing.

Here's the ice formation as of Feb 16

See the wintery and icy, Elora Gorge Photo Gallery

This is not our video, it's from JL's Tree Service on YouTube but we enjoyed watching their footage and thought you would too, plus Mumford and Sons is always a good choice :)

Watch a different perspective from University of Guelph Outdoors Club

The Elora Gorge has quickly become one of Ontario's popular tourist destination for tubing, camping, zip lining, fishing, canoeing, or laying on the beach.  Surrounded by waterfalls, limestone cliffs, and trails around every turn, Elora & Fergus is a year-round choice for family adventure or a sight-seeing day-trip. 

Perhaps a little ice climbing.

Thanks for watching.



PS: This is nothing compared to the other stuff Frederick does!

Let me know in the comments if you've ever ice climbed before and subscribe for updates.

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elora - fergus

A township bursting with wonder


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