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Step inside the Grand 101.1 FM radio station in Fergus

There's something Grand coming through the Centre Wellington airwaves. Step inside The Grand 101.1 FM and visit radio morning hosts, Dave and Austin! See the station and meet the people behind Centre Wellington's best music! Watch Now:

Watch Now:

Step into the studios at The Grand 101.1 FM

I stopped by the radio station, The Grand 101.1 FM in Fergus and chatted with morning hosts Dave and Austin! I also spoke with the radio station's president, Scott Jensen who shared the history and growth of Centre' Wellington's Best Music.

On April 29, 2011, the station's broadcast licence was approved by the CRTC and the station, CICW-FM became a non-profit, English-language, community FM radio station servicing Centre Wellington and the communities of Elora and Fergus.

Originally broadcasting as "The Grand 92.9" in downtown Fergus until 2015 when the station's request to operate on the 101.1MHz frequency was approved by the CRTC.

The Grand 101.1 FM was born.

"We have a small core staff, but a lot of the people who are involved in the Grand are volunteers." says the station's president Scott Jensen. "I think the community has embraced the station."

The heartbeat of the station happens in the morning with hosts Dave and Austin.

"Local radio is what really drives my motivation to do radio." says morning host Dave Schneider. "To make a difference in the community, to talk about the community stories, talk about community events and getting the word out, that really is what makes my day."

Dave has been on radio in Kitchener for over 30 years and is the voice for the Kitchener Rangers.

Austin is Fergus-born and started at the station in when he was a co-op student at Centre Wellington District High School. "And now I'm serving my community at the radio station, which I love!" says Austin.

My random connection to the Grand FM

For over a decade, I toured extensively across Canada. (This is my job) and along with a team, we toured to 135 performance centres annually.

I'm exhausted thinking about it. :)

At this particular leg of the tour, I find myself in Camrose, Alberta, a small town outside of Edmonton. The promoter had setup a morning radio interview at the local station and that's where I first met Bruce Barker. Hell of a fun interview and great guy! Fast forward a few years later, we're back out west and I once again into Bruce Barker, but this time a city outside of Calgary.

Fast-forward again, I'm driving home from the airport and hear a familiar voice on the Grand 92.9. It was Bruce!

I'm certain to run into him again!

Tune into The Grand 101.1 FM and support local.

What station do you listen to?

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