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  • Ryan Joyce

The Monsters in Elora Are Stirring!

Monster Month is less than two weeks away and the scariest part of the month-long celebration began weeks ago-- monster repair!

Even monsters need a little tender loving care.

For over six weeks before October 1st, a team of volunteers works several days a week to repair and maintain the 70+ monsters that make up Monster Month.

The non-profit organization that runs Monster Month is Sensational Elora. I recently stopped by the Greenspace downtown Elora during one of the three weekly repair sessions and chatted with Monster Month and Sensational Elora chairperson, Kirk McElwain.

Are you a Elora & Fergus local? Interested in volunteering with Monster Month? Email Monster Month team or visit

WATCH Monster Repairs: Getting Ready for Monster Month, a Month-Long Celebration of Halloween in Elora & Fergus

How did Monster Month begin?


MonsterMentary: The Story Behind Monster Month in Elora Ontario

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