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Julia Sanders shares her art with Elora & Fergus

Fergus born artist Julia Sanders shares her talents with Centre Wellington for Valentines Day. 


A gift from Julia Sanders. (below)


Julia Sanders stops by the newly renovated Elora Mill and Granary building to rekindle her recent artistic inspiration.


Artist Julia Sanders pays tribute to Elora,"Ontario's Most Beautiful Village"


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Julia Sanders talks about her mother's artistic influence and the lessons learned pursuing her own dreams.  She also shares great practical advice and suggestions for other artists. (2 min)




A Valentines Day card to fall in love with, Julia Sanders' "Tooth of Time"


Interested in an 8x10 print?

Julia has offered to sign and print 10 numbered prints (size 8x10) of her "Tooth of Time" for just $50 each.  A wonderful way to see the community all year long and support this incredible artist. 


Connect with Julia directly here. 


PS: Julia said she'll even through in the framing mat for free!!  Email her now!

Photo Gallery Lidia's Brides

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