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Southern Ontario Gin Trail Tour

A trifold brochure can pack a ton of information into a convenient, shareable marketing tool. We designed this brochure for the Southern Craft Ontario Gin Trail Tour!

Did you know southern Ontario has a gin trail? Yes, that's right—a trail with six different distilleries in Waterloo County, Perth County and Wellington County. They're all within an hour of each other, and they make some pretty fantastic gin.

We've partnered with RT04, the Wellington County and Elora & Fergus Tourism to create a unique brochure for this gin trail! It's double-sided and includes a map showing you how to navigate the six distilleries and all the essential information for each distillery!

The six distilleries are Silver Fox Distillery in Arthur, Elora Distilling Company in Elora, Dixon's Distilled Spirits in Guelph, Spring Mill Distillery in Guelph, and Willibald Farm Distillery & Brewery in Ayr, and Junction 56 Distillery in Stratford.  Visit for more information,

A well-designed brochure is an excellent way to get the word out about your business.

Trifold brochures allow you to present a lot of information about your business in a way that's easy for readers to digest. They're also excellent for distributing at sales events, trade shows, or other venues where people are likely to want more information about your company. Finally, unlike other marketing methods, trifold brochures can be easily updated with new information as your business develops over time.

Here are other ways trifold brochures can help:

  • Trifold flyers are convenient to carry around

  • They're less expensive than other options like direct mail or a newspaper ad

  • People can share them with their friends and coworkers, which means more potential customers for you

If you already have some of the essential high-quality photos to promote your business and some written text, turn-around and a revision can happen pretty quick.  A great option for your marketing efforts.

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Southern Craft Ontario Gin Trail Tour

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