Centre Wellington


The Sights and Sounds of Elora & Fergus

Photographed & Filmed by Ryan Joyce

Ryan Joyce

Magician, Filmmaker, Producer


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Hello & howdy!

Thanks for stopping by! Here are a few sights and sounds of Elora and Fergus in the summer months! (We all know it's pretty 365 days a year!)

Are you a CW local resident creating or doing something fascinating?  I'm looking to produce a few local video profiles (approx 3 min) featuring local Elora and Fergus stories, artists, talents and personalities.  Do you know someone?

Watch this video:

Wow!!! Right?!! An amazing talent hidden in Centre Wellington! I'd like to meet more fascinating locals!

Have a suggestion or recommendation contact me or post on the community forum.

Enjoy the day Elora and Fergus friends, and I hope you enjoy a few select pics and videos.  


Ryan Joyce

PS:  I've chalked up about 12 TB of CW footage and stills.  Wanna shoot sometime together?  I travel for work but when I'm home I like to go shooting, message me if your interested!

PSS:  If you love Elora and Fergus as much as I do, there's something at the bottom of the page may interest you! A secret project I'm working on :)

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Video Clips & Raw Footage

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Did you enjoy summer?

elora - fergus

A township bursting with wonder


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