A town with an abundance of wonder meets a magician with an idea.

 My name is Ryan Joyce and for the past 18 years I've traveled the world with a camera and a bag of tricks.  I've seen a lot of magic on my adventures, but one place stands out.  It's gorgeous, but

 there's something more.  Something unique.  The way I look at it, if Hollywood can film here all the time, I think we should too

First, let me introduce to Centre Wellington, Ontario Canada
(Elora & Fergus)


A magical town

I have been traveling the world entertaining audiences for over half my life.  An interest in magic became a career because 25 years ago my family relocated a town called Fergus.

I didn't realize back then that I would be introduced into the world of professional magic, meet a few famous magicians, and racking up over 4200 shows around the globe.

From the beginning, I found ways to include filmmaking into my performances, and I've shared my visual storytelling on to a few million viewers on YouTube and Facebook. 

In March of 2018, I began construction on a new dream.  We are in production on a filming project around Fergus and Elora that has to be kept secret (after all magicians are involved!)  but this is one secret I will be happy to reveal.   Join FergusFilming.ca (it's free) and you can watch exclusive footage for yourself!  

Here's the best part, we've already captured three live-audience filmings at the Fergus Grand Theatre and those shows contributed over $10,000 to the community  (How did we do that? Watch the video below)


Our goal is clear, but we need your help.  Spread awareness and sign up for filming notices.  More coming for the future!



Ryan D. Joyce

Theatrix International Inc.

PS: Join now and watch exclusive footage!