(VIDEO) "What is your process for writing a weekly column?"

Award-winning columnist Kelly Waterhouse shares her process for writing her weekly article "Write out of Her Mind" for the Wellington Advertiser. Listen to Kelly's full episode of the Elora Fergus Podcast below.

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Kelly Waterhouse shares her process for writing a weekly column in the Wellington Advertiser

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Audio Transcript

Ryan Joyce: So do you have a process for writing? Do you follow, you know, every week, this is sort of mentally the same thing. You go through each and every week, you'll get an idea crafted all out or how do you stab that? How do you go at that,

Kelly Waterhouse: Pray and ask the divine gods to give me something. Um, it's triggers, same as you said before, which was really good. And I actually maybe didn't realize that until you said it is. Um, I will be, uh, I write a lot about raising kids and being married and the challenges they're in. So, uh, my husband will say something at the dinner table and it'll make us laugh and I'll be like, I'll be right back and can go upstairs. Um, so sometimes it comes real easy. Uh, most of my friends know not to talk to me on a Tuesday because that's deadline day. And if I don't have it in by three o'clock, Chris is going to come into my office and be like, um, so where is it? Uh, I try. I used to write it religiously on Mondays. I that has not worked since this pandemic. So, um, you know, I have to hit 580 words. Mmm. I am very OCD about it. If I don't want to read it, you're not going to read it. Um, and a lot of it honestly is just hoping that the words will come and somehow they do

Ryan Joyce: And how many years have you been writing for the paper?

Kelly Waterhouse: For the Wellington advertiser, I think it's been around eight or nine years. Before that I was with the Fergus Elora News Express and I had a column there called home base.

Ryan Joyce: So 580 words times 52 weeks times eight. That's a lot of words. How could people follow you and engage with you online? And the Wellington advertiser?

Kelly Waterhouse: The Wellington advertiser is the www.WellingtonAdvertiser.com. And I have my own website, which is www.KellyWaterhouse.com

Are you a writer? What's your writing process?

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