VIDEO: "Elora or Fergus, which do you like better?"

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

This week, I was interviewed by Keegan Kozolanka from about the Elora Fergus Podcast. Keegan is new to the area and has gotten quickly acclimated. I had to ask him this one question...

I was so appreciative that Keegan reached out from to chat about the podcast. We had a great conversation about Elora and Fergus, why podcasting is a great way to keep connected to Centre Wellington, and a little about my other secret life.

Here's a snippet from the interview.

Elora and Fergus residents the focus of a new podcast | Keegan Kozolanka,

Ultimately, Joyce said he thinks podcasting is a powerful platform for people to be able to learn about interesting people, ideas, events and their community. 
“This is a different platform for people to learn about people within the walls of their community,” Joyce said. “In every community there’s fascinating people hidden, just hiding and waiting for their story to come out.”

Read the full article here:

Keegan is new to the Elora and Fergus area so I couldn't help but ask one question:

"Elora and Fergus, which one do you like better?"

"Why highlight Elora & Fergus in a podcast?"

Did you listen to these recent podcast episodes?

Are you brave enough to answer this non-serious question!? Which do you like better, Elora or Fergus, and why?

Let me know in the comments.

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