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Updated: Jan 12, 2019

The Elora Gorge is the area's biggest tourist attraction (pictured below) but the 80ft stone cliffs are just a few of the highlights locals and visitors can enjoy.

Elora Gorge Lookout. The stone cliff gorge walls of the gorge were carved away from glacial melt waters from a previous ice age.

About Elora Ontario and the Elora Gorge

The village of Elora is a bustling tourist community within the Township of Centre Wellington. The nearest city is Guelph Ontario and you can get to Elora from Toronto Pearson in a little over 1hr. There's something about this place. It's mysterious and arty. It's been hailed "Ontario's Most Beautiful Village." Let's take a look!

The two primary communities of The Township of Centre Wellington are the village of Elora and the town of Fergus. Amalgamated in 1999, the area is a thriving tourist destination thats bursting with natural wonder, stunning scenery, and adventure. From tubing, swimming, zip lining and ice climbing, there's plenty to do for adventure seekers. For the photographer at heart, there's a mysterious or awe-inspiring photo around every corner. Filled with historic bridges, caves, hikes and trails there is plenty to explore any time of year.

The charm of Centre Wellington has caught the attention of popular blogs, bloggers and was recently profiled in National Georgraphic.

Watch: Fly through the Elora Gorge (drone footage)

Photos of the Elora Gorge

Communities divided by a grand river

The communities are both divided in half by the Grand River which flows from neighbouring Grand Valley to the shores of Lake Erie (south of Dunnville) The 2 kilometer stretch that form the Elora Gorge are considered the most captivating. Carved away from a previous ice age, the remaining 80ft stone-cliff limestone walls that remain are incredible.

The cascading waterfalls flowing past the newly renovated Elora Mill and the "Tooth of Time"

Seasonal Activities at the Elora Gorge

During the summer, the Elora is a popular tourist destination and retreat from the city. Located a little over 1 hour away from Toronto Pearson Airport, Elora & Fergus is a short drive for most Southern Ontario residents.

Elora Gorge Tubing and Zip Lining

During the summer popular activities at the Elora Gorge include tubing and lazy river rafting down the Grand River, hiking the trails and exploring the caves, zip lining, or an Instagram at the Elora Gorge Lookout.

Beach time at the Elora Gorge

There are plenty of areas along the gorge to access the Grand River however if you're looking to soak up some sun, the Elora Quarry is 1km away and considered one of Ontario's best-kept secrets.

Appealing to your creative side

While you're at the Elora Gorge stop in a explore the village. The area has nurtured an eclectic mix of acclaimed artists, painters and creatives. The Elora Centre for the Arts now showcases some of the incredible art, in what was previous Elora School which has been standing for over 160 years.

Food, Dining and Accommodations

From 5 star gourmet dining to typical grab-and-go, you'll find everything you need here. Camping is a popular option during the summer but the area has a vibrant and impressive list of hotels. Like the newly renovated Elora Mill & Spa which overlooks the best view of the cascading waterfalls of the Elora Gorge. Stunning.

Grocery Stores, LCBO, Cannabis and Fast food

Neighbouring Fergus Ontario is a full-service community with fast-food restaurants and multiple grocery stores if you're looking the stock-up. You'll find an LCBO in both Elora and Fergus but in 2018 the Township of Centre Wellington opted out of a local cannibis retail stores.

Movies and filming at the Elora Gorge

In recent years, Elora & Fergus have been gaining international attention and a popular choice for movie makers and film studios. Recently Steven King filmed parts of his horror movie IT at the nearby Elora Quarry.

There is a picture-perfect opportunity around every corner. This a photographers dream.

Watch this short preview and see stunning Elora & Fergus for yourself

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