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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Here's a great way to show-off the community you love, virtually! Download these six virtual Elora & Fergus backgrounds! A free digital gift for friends of the Elora Fergus Podcast and FergusFilming.ca

Are you getting familiar with seeing a screen like this:

Did you know: the Township of Centre Wellington has a YouTube page where you can watch their public virtual meetings and town hall events. Visit the Township's YouTube page

A lot of us have been forced to embrace the new virtual communication lifestyle. Elora & Fergus businesses and residents are using tools like ZOOM meetings, Microsoft Teams or Skype to connect.

One of the fun features with these tools allows you to replace your background with a photo. It's surprisingly good, even with complicated backgrounds.

TIP: Good foreground lighting and high contrast make a big difference

How to change your background in ZOOM Meetings in Two Steps

1. Select "Choose Virtual Background" from the video menu in the app or desktop software.

2. Upload new photos or videos

The small + button gives you two options "Add image" or "Add video." Once an image is uploaded it will be selectable easily from the Choose Virtual Background screen.

That's it!

Do you want to show-off our incredible township in your next virtual meeting?

Get these free Elora & Fergus virtual backgrounds!

As thanks to my blog subscribers and Elora & Fergus friends, here's a digital gift! I have tweaked and fine-tuned six Elora & Fergus iconic images you can download and use, instantly! Perfect for your next virtual meeting!

Available for free for personal and non-commercial use. Kindly I ask don't privately distribute!


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