(Video) Spring is in the air! Best of Elora & Fergus in April

Elora & Fergus are starting to thaw and that's creating some stunning images. See the best sights and sounds from this month in Centre Wellington. Plus download April's desktop wallpaper. Watch now:

(Video) Spring is starting to arrive in Elora & Fergus

Happy April! The only joke is from mother natures recent dumb of 4+ inches of snow. You win.

Temperatures are starting to rise in Elora and Fergus. Life is thawing out.

I'm not sure how I got out filming in the early morning sub zero temperatures these past few months. It was damn near impossible to put on a scarf and boots this month.

The weather was beautiful these past few weeks and I've been itching to film with a new piece of gear-- an upgrade to my gimbals. The gimbal is the expensive thing that makes the other expensive thing record smoothly. It was a treat to get out without 9 layers.

I hope you like this month's feature. You'll notice a little teaser at the end of the video for #OWOW. I'm working on something big for October that's combining a few passions together on much bigger scale. This is one of the biggest events I've taken on and I look forward to telling you all about it soon!

If you're interested in creating a piece of sponsored content to help promote you, your event or your business drop me an email. I have few opportunities to film in April and beginning of May. Affordable for business or free for local philanthropic purposes.


Download this month's desktop wallpaper. Get it here!

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