Download Fergus & Elora Oct 2018 Desktop

Download October 2018 Calendar desktop

How to change your desktop background on Windows 10

  1. Click the image above (a new tab opens)

  2. Top Right corner click "Download" (or share with a friend)

  3. Save on your PC (remember where you save it!)

  4. Press Windows Key + D (or minimize all your windows so you can see your desktop)

  5. Right click on your desktop

  6. Choose "Personalize"

  7. Choose "Browse" (below a few pictures labeled "Choose your picture")

  8. Find the downloaded October Calendar!

  9. Share with a friend

Which corner do you prefer the calendar? Let me know your thoughts in the comments for next months calendar. (Top left, Top right, Bottom Left or Bottom Right)

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elora - fergus

A township bursting with wonder


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