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Updated: Feb 14, 2019

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This month's desktop calendar featuring the new St. David's Street Bridge. Easy instructions are included below!

The new St. David's St. Bridge is finally open and it looks amazing!

I arrived home early this morning after seven weeks down in the Caribbean and I was treated with a gorgeous Elora & Fergus welcome. If only it came with more sleep. Here's a few shots I captured on a beautiful, frosty December sunrise on the new St. David's St. Bridge in Fergus!

Don't forget to download the above photo for your computer background picturem there are some simple step-by-step instructions at the bottom of this post if you need help.

Here's a few of my favourite shots:

Here's another way to bring our community into your home or office.

Print this 8.5 x 11 page and stick it on your fridge. If you look around you might see these around town in partnered local retailers and random locations!

Help yourself!

It's a good time to use a sheet of that special paper!

...and a great way to connect with your community!

Did you notice the QR code? What's that about? You'll surprise yourself how easy it is to learn, there's instructions on the calendar. Print it out and and try!

I'm working on a bigger scale of the stuff you're finding on this page, (photos, printouts, downloads but with video. Video that connects you to the sights and sounds of Elora & Fergus but also our hidden artists, interesting people and so much more. HD, cinematic, video content that's 100% Centre Wellington. The goal is to bring the community you love into your home and connect with the unique wonders of our community. Bundled together with a gorgeous 11x17 wall calendar that unlocks these monthly surprises.

You won't find anything like this anywhere. Unique and innovate and for a few bucks ($24.99 + tax) it's a great gift. Support local and discover what's appearing next month!

UPDATE:: The 2019 Calendar of Wonders is now available at:

I Love Chocolate & I Love That Gift

Location & store hours: Visit their website Gluten Free and Keto Bakery in Fergus

Location & store hours: Visit their website

Learn more about the 2019 Centre Wellington Calendar here.

HELP NEEDED: Do you know a business in Elora that might also carry them in their store? If you do, please email me!

If you are a local business and want to engage the community with video without having to worry about production there are several ways we can collaborate and partner. Bite-sized films produced and edited from a guy with over 8 million views on YouTube and Facebook. Drop me an email!

Check out Seasons to see "Summer" and "Fall" cinematic short films.

Have a wonderful holidays!

Ryan Joyce

PS: Oh, I forgot, Do you know any haggis experts? email me (yup-- haggis) I'm looking for an expert who would be good on camera. Accents and kilts are a bonus! Part of an upcoming filming. Sign up for filming notices!

How to download & set your desktop wallpaper in Windows 10:

  1. Right click the image above and choose "Save Image As..."

  2. Save on your PC (remember where you save it!)

  3. Press Windows Key + D (or minimize all your windows so you can see your desktop)

  4. Right click on your desktop

  5. Choose "Personalize"

  6. Choose "Browse" (below a few pictures labeled "Choose your picture")

  7. Find this months downloaded calendar!

Tell me your thoughts on the new bridge or your thoughts about the calendar.

I'd love your input! Let me know in the comments or email me.

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