Zumba fundraiser raises over $13,000 for Fergus mother of seven

There was a breast cancer fundraising event this past weekend at the Centre Wellington Sportsplex for Jackie Gallegos and her family. The event raised over $13,000 and was organized by Zumba Sarah. The evening was filled with family Zumba, a competitive dance showcase, a bake sale and even yours truly stepped on stage to present a little magic.

Photo credits: Me Photography Fergus Ontario

Watch the CTV Kitchener News segment below:

Zumba & Dance Fundraiser was organized to help raise money and relief for the Gallegos Family. Jackie was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and bone cancer. She's wife to Daniel and mother of seven beautiful children. It was an evening of love and support by friends, family and the community.

All the incredible photographs were captured by Me Photography in Fergus.

The stage performances kicked off with Zumba Sarah leading a few rounds of fist-pumping Zumba. A sure fire way to get the heart pumping and energy high. Everyone in the auditorium was moving! Stage Prescense School of Dance in Fergus presented a competitive piece and even yours truly did a little number, too.

Wait, that didn't come out right.

It was a fantastic evening filled with love and support all around. Proud to be a part of the fight. I asked Zumba Sarah if donations are still be accepted and she said "Donations are still coming in, over $13,000 now!"

Anyone interested can make direct email transfer donations to the family hugglemonkies@icloud.com


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