An opportunity for small businesses to connect with the online Elora & Fergus community.

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Film & Graphic Services

We'll focus on production and all you need to do is that thing you do best. We'll take care of production, filming and editing. 

We'll also provide our advice and expertise for creating the most interesting, value-added content that will actually get views. 

Local Audience

Not only do we offer the services to create great content, we also offer an audience to view it. 

All our content is shareable along your own channels and we also offer access to our growing audience that reaches thousands of Elora & Fergus locals each month. 

Content marketing strategy

It's not always what you say, it's how you say it.  With social media it's not just having the content, it's how you package and deliver that matters.

A good story, an audience and an effective strategy is the key to increasing your social media success.  

Original Local Content

Introducing Elora artist

and retired teacher, George Caesar and his fleet of little boats.


Over 1000 views per month

in Elora & Fergus (and growing!)

75.9% Women and 24.1% Men

16.90% are between age of 35 - 44

and 48.26% are between 45 - 64

Here's my 3 step process for making great videos.


Step 1: Build the message

Choose a video topic that will get the most views.  The secret is to provide the most useful information or the most interesting stories.  Finding the best topic can be difficult, so brainstorm many options before settling.  

Step 2: Filming Day

Film your vision.  There will be some time needed to setup, lighting and shot planning.  You'll want to capture some casual footage of you or your business in action. You doing you.  This footage is called b-roll. 


In editing, this footage helps create the most compelling stories possible.  The main story comes from the interview, it's the foundation of your story.  Audio must be great.  Audiences won't tolerate bad audio.  An interview about 20-25 minutes is perfect.


Don't stress on camera, it's okay to make mistakes.  That's what editing is for!

Step 3: Post Production

Now, it's post production time aka editing. This is where you turning over the raw footage into something that sparkles.  Combining music, visual storytelling, graphics and that important b-roll. 


The ideal length is bite-sized when you want to capture broad appeal.  2-5 minutes is a good length.  If your audience is interested, they'll watch longer. that's where 5 - 15min (or longer) video works great. 


The shortest video with the best story is your goal!

REMEMBER: Commercials don't work.  Your video should provide helpful, interesting or informative and delivered quickly in the most interesting way.  That's the secret. 

elora - fergus

A township bursting with wonder


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