Be a guest on Elora Fergus Podcast

Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest on the Elora Fergus Podcast!  I'm looking to connect with community leaders, businesses or talented Centre Wellington residents

About the Elora Fergus Podcast

  • Schedule: Bi-monthly (currently weekly during COVID)

  • 15 - 20 min episode length

  • Family-friendly content

  • One featured guest each episode

  • Available on any popular podcast app or

  • Listen online http://EloraFergusPodcast.com

Episode Anatomy

What's involved:

  • 30 minute video ZOOM Meeting*

  • Send a headshot or photo

*We will record our Zoom call in video for short, shareable social media clips, but the podcast is audio only.

What is not required:

  • Unlike traditional media, podcasts are a more relaxed conversation.  No stress needed-- just an informative and fun chat!


Podcasting statistics that may surprise you (2020)

  • 50% of homes are podcasts fans (USA: 66 million) 

  • 45% of monthly podcast listeners have a household income over $75K

  • 49% of podcast listening is done at home

  • 22% of podcast listening is done while driving 

  • 80% listen to all or most of each episode

  • Comedy is the most popular genre, followed by education and news

  • Podcast listeners are much more active on every social media channel (94% are active on at least one – vs 81% for the entire population)

  • Podcast listeners are more likely to follow companies and brands on social media

elora - fergus

A township bursting with wonder


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