I produce and film original content for social media, television, film and fun.  That's why I do it, because I enjoy it.  This is my full time job, which I also enjoy.  Except the travel.  The soul-sucking, travel. 


Locally, my goal is turn over a new limestone and share something that connects you a little more with the community.  Free, shareable content and video that introduce you to our community and the fascinating local legends or interesting people. 


I'm also filming locally for our other projects and often seek local experts to appear on camera and we even host live-filmings with a full audience (that's you!)  

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The world of showbiz meets small town wonder.

We Are CW is a local webseries that showcases the artists, adventurers, and creators who live in Elora and Fergus.​

Social media killed small town television. 


We Are CW is a web-series that profiles the unique and talented people who live within Centre Wellington.

I film and produce a wide range of topics that provide value or interest within Centre Wellington.  Without having to worry about filming and editing, this a good opportunity for local businesses to get their story out, help locals with valuable information or interesting stories, and feel the benefits from social media content for weeks and months.  

Story idea or suggestion?

Every month, a letter from the heart of Centre Wellington to you.

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elora - fergus

A township bursting with wonder


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