By Ryan Joyce
Created: Oct 13, 2018

The 2019 Centre Wellington

Calendar of Wonders

A magician in Fergus, Ontario is making a calendar.  It's stunning.  It's unique.  It's filled with wonder and it's 100% Elora & Fergus.  Ryan is offering this crowdfunding project to help further the momentum to bring a TV show to our community! Makes a great holiday gift! (https://fergusfilming.ca)



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Centre Wellington, ON Canada

Proudly Printed in Canada

 A calendar for eyes & your imagination

The 2019 Centre Wellington
Calendar of Wonders

A beautiful & innovative calendar  that connects you to Fergus & Elora digitally. 


 Created by a magician

Each month this calendar unlocks new online wonders!

 There's a lot of wonder packed into 365 days! 

Here's the scoop...

Our world-travelling wizard, Ryan Joyce (as seen on Penn & Teller's Fool Us, Canada's Got Talent and Fergus Cogeco :) ) has been working his prestos-off producing a TV show here in Fergus & Elora. And, like all millennials these days, he's gotta crowdfund.  

Filming has been underway over the last year and Ryan and a team of magicians began filming a TV show in Fergus. Those 3 live-audience shows generated over $10K for local Fergus & Elora businesses.

Yup, it's true!


Slowly but surely the show is coming along mystically, but unfortunately bottomless pockets only exist in movies.

Hence the crowdfunding.

It's win-win-tada!

Make your pledge! 


If you live in Fergus/Elora you may have asked yourself three questions... 

If our community is unique enough for Hollywood to film here regularly, why don't we have our own pretty calendar?

And, umm-- why don't we have our own TV show?

And while we're at it, how do you learn about this incredible town and the talented people who roam our streets? 

I think this calendar I've conjured up is a pretty magical solution to all three of these problems.


-Ryan Joyce


PS: Oh yeah-- if you haven't heard, we're trying to film a show in Elora and Fergus regularly!  In fact, we've already shot most of it.  This unique and wonderful calendar is helping bring us closer to our goal.  Big hugs for your pledge.

There is no shortage of wonder
in Centre Wellington.


Each month unlocks a secret online page filled with incredible content that you can access directly from the calendar!

This is unlike any other calendar...

  • A gorgeous 11x17 calendar featuring the very best of Fergus & Elora

  • Each month unlocks a secret online page filled with video, downloads and printouts!  The calendar that goes beyond the wall and connects you to the local sights, sounds, talents and stories of Centre Wellington!

  • Interact with your wall calendar, printouts and downloads!  You can show friends and family incredible videos directly from your wall. Use the camera on your smartphone to take you there directly or type the short link in the browser!  It's that simple to access the exclusive local content.

  • Download monthly local desktop calendars!

  • Monthly Fridge Printouts! Fun for your fridge!  Calendars, seasonal tips, fun facts, important local information, and featured events.

  • Unique Local Video, photos, community highlights, surprises, and much more!

  • Support a local magician & filmmaker who is working to bring a TV show to Centre Wellington (more here)

  • A calendar that bridges the gap between the social media generation and their neighbours in arts and commerce.

  • Mobile and desktop friendly

  • Proudly Printed in Canada

Here are a few samples of what you can expect when you make your pledge!


(It's also a great excuse to see pretty pictures of our beautiful community!)


Yes, it's a pretty town, but we are also bursting with hidden talent.

This will blow your mind.  Watch this...

 Introducing George Caesar from Elora 

 Captain of the Smallest Fleet in the World 
Unlock local videos like this every month

The 2019 Centre Wellington Calendar of Wonders connects you to the community you love!


Each month unlocks new sights and sounds with video and content like you are seeing here!  Locally produced and proudly printed in Canada.

Here's another video sample! I hope you love this!  Let's experience the Fergus Scottish Festival:

Did I mention you can watch video directly from your wall?

You can show friends and family incredible videos directly from your wall. Just scan the QR Code with your smartphone!  There are many ways to access it- like typing the short link featured on each month!

There are multiple ways to access the exclusive content.  Don't know how to scan a QR Code? It's easy!

Who doesn't

love print-outs?

Monthly Fridge Printouts! Calendars, seasonal fun facts, important local information, and featured events and filming notices.

... and monthly downloads.

Desktop Calendar Downloads.  It's time to shake-up your desktop with some local pride!  See more of your beautiful community!  

Please show your support

Make a pledge and share this page with a friend!

Calendars will be sent out in December!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to live in Centre Wellington, Fergus, or Elora? 

Nope, but you have to like pretty pictures and have a wonderful sense of surprise. Just as a heads up, we will only be shipping to addresses in Canada.

Who is this calendar for?

Anyone- whether you're looking to learn more about the community, share a bit of home with others or just display beautiful local photos. The extra content  is easily accessible to everyone (even if you went to school before they stopped teaching cursive writing)

Is this a charitable write off?

Nope. Not unless you're a risk-taker.

Is this projected guaranteed?

Yup!! We're printing forward!

Can I see the sizzle reel for the show you are producing?

Yes.  I'd love for you to see it!  Join FergusFilming.ca  and you'll receive filming notices via e-mail.  It's free but in order to protect our hardwork, we keep some exclusively within our members.  That's all!

Does it need batteries?

Nope.  It can hang on the wall indefinitely.

Risks & Challenges

We are confirmed and hope you'll support!


Pledge CA$5

All support is welcome.  Style points and a hug! It's actually $2 for the hug 3$ for shipping (sorry, Wix made me do it this way)

Dec 12, 2018

Pledge CA$19.99

First 50 calendars save $5 and points for being awesome!

Early December

Pledge CA$24.99

A stunning calendar that says "I'm a sexy local"

Early December

Pledge CA$45

Two (2) stunning calendars! One for you and one for the friend who's always late.

Early December

Pledge CA$65

Three (3) stunning calendars! One for keeps and two for gifts.  Maybe it's three for one really busy person.  Your choice!

Early December

Pledge CA$100

Five (5) stunning calendars! You are a giving person! A POWER LOCAL!  

Early December

Pledge CA$200

Twelve (12) stunning calendars! You just can't get any more wonderful.  That's twelve calendars to share or to showcase on one big wall. 

Early December

Pledge CA$500

Ryan will film, produce and edit one (1) three min cinematic HD video showcasing you or your business!  Time and content to be decided after making a pledge!

Early December

Pledge CA$700 

Sponsor your favourite month!  Exclusive and featured local exposure for your favourite month!  Plus 20 calendars, and one feature video!

Early December


elora - fergus

A township bursting with wonder


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